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Information is useful in our running life. Everything useful and ordinary information is need in our daily activities life. We can't live without information for IT. The information technology blog is filled with education, IT tips, IT solution, IT glossary, Telecommunication, E-mail & filling, earn money, Jobs, Games, Google services, introduces etc. and valuable information for information technology.
A New-York surgeon contacted a medical library when a near term pregnant woman lapsed into a hepatic coma. He needed immediate information on exchange blood transfusion for woman. Using a computer terminal and a retrieval program, the liberation searched more than a half million medical documents in a few minutes of get information needed by the surgeon to perform an emergency blood transfusion. The patient recovered fully from hepatitis. Most information retrieval tasks obviously do not involve life or death decision, but quick computer assisted retrieval can save time and aggravation for many individuals.

Information technology (IT) for information:
IT shows that lot of information activities involve the communication of information to others. For example, more than half of a typical manager's time is spent communicating in meetings, phone calls, letters and memos. Secretaries and office staff support these communication efforts by taking messages, drafting documents. A key ingredient of IT is the ability to communicate easily relevant data and information to every worker who needs it. It has obvious superiority in certain respect over traditional channels for business communication. The postal service can be slow, letters are sometimes lost, and the mail usually takes long time. Telephone calls require both senders and receiver to be on the line at he same time. Hand written memos depend n some internal distribution process and are easily lost in the shuffle of paper. To avoid all these drawbacks, a whole array of advanced communications, including e-mail, Internet, voice mail, facsimile transmission, local area network, teleconferencing, are now being offered by a modern IT uses. There's are the blessing of science and IT below-

ATM card : ATM card is an important media of money exchange. ATM means Automated Teller Machine. The terms and conditions of ATM card are stated in the agreement relating to the availability of cash withdrawal and other electronic payment services. The bank may issue a card if he or she maintains an account at any of its branches. The bank reserves the right to refuse an application for the issuance or renewal of a card. If separate cards are issued to holders of a joint account then each card holder shall be jointly and personally liable to the bank. The card is the property of the bank and must be returned to the bank. The card is to be used solely by is very risky to take a large amount of money from one place to another. ATM card enables a bank client to avoid the risk of carrying cash. The function of this card is to act as the alternative of money.

Mobile Phone: The mobile phone is one of the latest editions of modern communication technology. It is handy and portable as the term 'mobile' signifies. It is a small telephone that can be carried in a hand or pocket. The effective speaking range of man is only a few yards. But with the help of mobile phone he has increased the range to hundreds of miles. Is it nit a miracle that a man walking along a street or riding on a vehicle can speak to his friends or relatives hundreds of miles away? Is it not useful for a man while shopping in the market to pass on valuable information to people at home or at distant places? A man traveling a distant part of the land is talking to his useful to important persons such as politicians, artists, doctors, businessmen and high officials. But like all other gifts of science it is not an unmixed blessing. The mobile phone is a useful instrument and it can be used by both good and bad people. The police can use it in maintaining law and order and detecting the criminals and the criminals can make use of it in committing crimes. The mobile phone is however, an indispensable annexation to the modern life-style.

Internet: The world is becoming smaller day by day with the blessing s of science. Now a man from one part of the world can communicate through internet with a person of another part in a second. Internet communication is the latest invention in the communication system. Now a man just pushing the keys of a computer can communicate anywhere he wishes. A student sitting in his reading room can use the London library and can collect his necessary information; a businessman can see the condition of the world market just by being in his bedroom. Internet communication is now the fastest communication in the world. A telephone line connects with a computer and like telephone number; internet communication is also maintained by its own number. To get appropriate information a person has to communicate in the appropriate and even a person can choose his/her life partner through internet communication. Internet communication is a boon of modern science.

E-commerce: E-commerce is the short name for electronic commerce. It means business transaction through internet, telephone, credit card etc. without the help of check or physical payment of money on the part of the buyer. The money is paid by the bank or company. It is the most modern method of transaction and is in practice in the developed countries of the world. Any information regarding the price, availability and quality of the goods is transmitted through internet and telephone. Thus E-commerce facilitates business transaction without the trouble and risk of carrying money physically. E-commerce is especially convenient in import and export business. An importer in one country can know about a commodity he wishes to import from another country and order for it through internet without being physically present there. He may even see the commodity on the screen and be sure of its quality. Thus money, labor and time are saved in transaction through the E-commerce system.

Shortcuts key: Shortcut key is valuable for quick any work in a computer. In my words "shortcut key is a combination of keystrokes or a way to perform a task very quickly"

List of the keyboard shortcuts:

Changing font and font size
Change the font ---------------------------------------CTRL+SHIFT+F
Change the font size-----------------------------------CTRL+SHIFT+P
Increase the font size the next available size---------CTRL+SHIFT+>
Decrease the font size to the previous available-------CTRL+SHIFT+< Decrease the font size by 1 point----------------------CTRL+[ Increase the font size by 1 point----------------------CTRL+] Tips: Font Changing text formatting


Change the case of letters-----------------------------SHIFT+F3
Create all capital letters-----------------------------CTRL+SHIFT+A
Make text bold-----------------------------------------CTRL+B
Underline text-----------------------------------------CTRL+U
Underline single words---------------------------------CTRL+SHIFT+W
Double-underline words---------------------------------CTRL+SHIFT+D
Apply hidden text format-------------------------------CTRL+SHIFT+H
Create small capital letters---------------------------CTRL+SHIFT+K
Apply subscripts (automatic spacing)--------------------CTRL+EQUAL SIGN
Apply superscripts (automatic spacing)----------------CTRL+SHIFT+EQUAL SIGN
Remove formatting applied by using shortcut keys--------CTRL+SHIFT+Z
Create symbol font-------------------------------------CTRL+SHIFT+Q

Tips: Change (text format)

Setting line spacing

Create single-space lines------------------------------CTRL+1
Create double-space lines------------------------------CTRL+2
Create one-and-a-half spaced lines---------------------CTRL+5
Add one line of space preceding text-------------------CTRL+0(zero)
Remove space preceding text----------------------------CTRL+0(zero)

Tips: Spacing

Setting paragraph alignments and indents

Create a paragraph-------------------------------------CTRL+E
Justify a paragraph------------------------------------CTRL+J
Left-align a paragraph---------------------------------CTRL+L
Right-align a paragraph--------------------------------CTRL+R
Indent a paragraph from the left-----------------------CTRL+M
Remove a paragraph indent from the left----------------CTRL+SHIFT+M
Create a hanging indent--------------------------------CTRL+T
Reduce a hanging indent--------------------------------CTRL+SHIFT+T
Remove paragraph formatting applied menu commands------CTRL+Q

Tips: Alignments and indents

Applying styles

Apply a style name(formatting toolbar displayed)-------CTRL+SHIFT+S
Open the style dialog box(formatting toolbar not)------CTRL+SHIFT+S
Start Auto Format--------------------------------------CTRL+K
Apply the Normal style---------------------------------CTRL+SHIFT+N
Apply the Heading 1 style------------------------------ALT+CTRL+1
Apply the Heading 2 style------------------------------ALT+CTRL+2
Apply the Heading 3 style------------------------------ALT+CTRL+3
Apply the List style-----------------------------------CTRL+SHIFT+L

Tips: Style

Deleting text and graphics

Delete one character to the left of insertion point----BACKSPACE
Delete one word to the left of insertion point----------CTRL+BACKSPACE
Delete one character to the right of insertion point---DELETE
Delete one word to the right of insertion point--------CTRL+DELETE
Cut(Delete) selected text------------------------------CTRL+X
Undo the last action-----------------------------------CTRL+Z
Cut to the Spike---------------------------------------CTRL+F3

Tips: Delete

Coping and Pasting

Copy text or graphics----------------------------------CTRL+C
Copy formats-------------------------------------------CTRL+SHIFT+C
Move text or graphics----------------------------------F2
Paste text or graphics---------------------------------CTRL+V
Paste formats------------------------------------------CTRL+SHIFT+V

Tips: Copy and Paste

Inserting text and graphics

A field------------------------------------------------CTRL+F9
Simple contents----------------------------------------CTRL+SHIFT+F3
An Auto Text entry-------------------------------------ALT+CTRL+V
A line break-------------------------------------------SHIFT+ENTER
A page break-------------------------------------------CTRL+ENTER
A column break-----------------------------------------CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER
An optional hyphen-------------------------------------CTRL+HYPHEN
A non breaking hyphen----------------------------------CTRL+SHIFT+HYPHEN
A copyright symbol-------------------------------------ALT+CTRL+C
A registered trademark symbol--------------------------ALT+CTRL+R
A trademark symbol-------------------------------------ALT+CTRL+T
An ellipsis--------------------------------------------ALT+CTRL+PERIOD

Tips: Insert

Extending a selection

Select the nearest-------------------------------------F8+CHARACTER
Extend a selection-------------------------------------F8
Reduce the size of a selection-------------------------SHIFT+8

Tips: Extend

Selecting text and graphics

To extend a selection----------------------------------Press
One character to the right-----------------------------SHIFT+RIGHT ARROW
One character to the left------------------------------SHIFT+LEFT ARROW
To the end of a word---------------------------------CTRL+SHIFT+RIGHT ARROW
To the beginning of a word----------------------------CTRL+SHIFT+LEFT ARROW
To the end of a line-----------------------------------SHIFT+END
To the beginning of a line----------------------------SHIFT+HOME
One line down------------------------------------------SHIFT+DOWN ARROW
One line up--------------------------------------------SHIFT+UP ARROW
To the end of a paragraph-----------------------------CTRL+SHIFT+DOWN ARROW
To the beginning of a paragraph------------------------CTRL+SHIFT+UP ARROW
One screen down----------------------------------------SHIFT+PAGE DOWN
One screen up------------------------------------------SHIFT+PAGE UP
To the end of a document-------------------------------CTRL+SHIFT+END
To the beginning of a document-------------------------CTRL+SHIFT+HOME
To include the entire document-------------------------CTRL+A
To a vertical block of text----------------------------CTRL+SHIFT+F8
To a specific location in a document-------------------F8+ARROW KEYS

Tips: Select

Selecting text in a table

Select a column---------Hold down ALT while you click the left mouse button
Extend a selection(or block)---------------------------CTRL+SHIFT+F8
Select an entire table---------------------------------ALT+5 on the numeric keypad

Tips: Select(table)

Move to a Character, Word, Paragraph, Column, Line, Page and Screen

One character to the left------------------------------LEFT ARROW
One character to the right-----------------------------RIGHT ARROW
One word to the left-----------------------------------CTRL+LEFT ARROW
One word to the right----------------------------------CTRL+RIGTH ARROW
One paragraph up---------------------------------------CTRL+UP ARROW
One paragraph down-------------------------------------CTRL+DOWN ARROW
To the previous frame or object------------------------ALT+UP ARROW
To the next frame or object----------------------------ALT+DOWN ARROW
One column to the left---------------------------------CTRL+UP ARROW
One column to the right--------------------------------CTRL+DOWN ARROW
Up one line--------------------------------------------UP ARROW
Down one line------------------------------------------DOWN ARROW
To the end of a line-----------------------------------END
To the beginning of a line-----------------------------HOME
Up and page--------------------------------------------ALT+CTRL+PAGE UP
Down one page------------------------------------------ALT+CTRL+PAGE ARROW
Up one screen------------------------------------------PAGE UP
Down one screen----------------------------------------PAGE DOWN
To the bottom of a screen------------------------------CTRL+PAGE DOWN
To the top of a screen---------------------------------CTRL+PAGE UP
To the end of a document-------------------------------CTRL+END
To the beginning of a document-------------------------CTRL+HOME
To a previous revision---------------------------------SHIFT+F3

Tips: Move

Moving around in a table

To move to the-----------------------------------------Press
Next cell in a row-------------------------------------TAB
Previous cell in a row---------------------------------SHIFT+TAB
First cell in a row------------------------------------ALT+HOME
Top cell in a column-----------------------------------ALT+PAGE UP
Last cell in a row-------------------------------------ALT+END
Last cell in a column----------------------------------ALT+PAGE DOWN
Previous row-------------------------------------------UP ARROW
Next row-----------------------------------------------DOWN ARROW

Tips: Move (table)

Paragraphs and tab characters

Insert new paragraphs into a cell----------------------ENTER
Insert a tab characters in a cell----------------------CTRL+TAB

Tips: Paragraph

Working in outline view

Promote a paragraph------------------------------------ALT+SHIFT+LEFT ARROW
Demote a paragraph------------------------------------ALT+SHIFT+RIGHT ARROW
Demote to body text------------------------------------CTRL+SHIFT+N
Move selected paragraphs up----------------------------ALT+SHIFT+UP ARROW
Move selected paragraphs down--------------------------ALT+SHIFT+DOWN ARROW

Tips: Outline

Shortcut keys for web browser: Some shortcut keys for web browsers with there functionality. You will find that many of these shortcuts are browser.

List of shortcut keys for web browser

Page down one full screen at a time---------------------SPACE BAR
Page down one full screen at a time---------------------PAGE BAR
Scroll down---------------------------------------------DOWN ARROW
Page up one full screen at a time-----------------------SHIFT+SPACE BAR
Page up one full screen at a time-----------------------PAGE UP
Scroll up-----------------------------------------------UP ARROW
Go to the top of the webpage----------------------------HOME
Go to the bottom of the webpage-------------------------END
Open a new window---------------------------------------CTRL+N
Open a new window in incognito mode---------------------CTRL+SHIFT+N
Close the current window--------------------------------ALT+F4
Open the link in a new window---------------------------SHIFT+CLICK ON LINK
Open link in a new tab in the background----------------CTRL+CLICK ON LINK
Click on link-open the link in a new tab and switch to tab------CTRL+SHIFT
Open a new tab------------------------------------------CTRL+T
Reopen the last tab that was closed---------------------CTRL+SHIFT+T
Switch to the tab at the specified position-----------CTRL+1 THROUGH CTRL+8
Switch to the last tab----------------------------------CTRL+9
Switch to the next tab----------------------------------CTRL+TAB
Switch to the previous tab-------------------CTRL+SHIFT+TAB OR CTRL+PAGE UP
Go to the previous page in your browsing history for the tab------BACKSPACE
Go to the next page in your browsing history for the tab----SHIFT+BACKSPACE
Close the current tab or pop-up--------------------------CTRL+W
Go to your homepage in the current tab-------------------ALT+HOME
Point the current page-----------------------------------CTRL+P
Save the current page------------------------------------CTRL+S
Open a file from your computer in web browser------------CTRL+O
Stop page loading----------------------------------------Ese
Bookmark the current webpage-----------------------------CTRL+D
Save all open pages as bookmarks in a new folder---------CTRL+SHIFT+D
Download link--------------------------------------------ALT+CLICK ON LINK
Open the search box--------------------------------------CTRL+F
Open the help center in a new tab------------------------F1
Show input box to find out the text in webpage-----------F3
Reload the current page----------------------------------F5
Highlight address bar contents---------------------------F6
Open page in full screen mode----------------------------F11
Show input box to find out the text in web page----------SHIFT+F3
Reload the current page (ignore page content)------------CTRL+F5
Make the text larger-------------------------------------CTRL++
Make the text smaller------------------------------------CTRL+-
Return text to normal size-------------------------------CTRL+0
Display the history page---------------------------------CTRL+H
Display the downloads page-------------------------------CTRL+J
Display page source code---------------------------------CTRL+U
Toggle the bookmarks bar---------------------------------CTRL+SHIFT+B
Display the task manager---------------------------------SHIFT+Esc
Open the clear browsing data dialog----------------------CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE
Jump to the next word in the address bar-----------------SHIFT+RIGHT ARROW
Delete the previous word in the address bar--------------CTRL+BACKSPACE
Close the tab-------------------------------------------MIDDLE CLICK ON TAB
Scroll horizontally-------------------------------------SHIFT+SCROLL WHEEL
Increase or decrease text size--------------------------CTRL+SCROLL WHEEL
Open web address that appears in the address bar in a new tab------------------TYPE A ADDRESS THEN ALT+ENTER
Perform a search using your default search engine---------------TYPE A SEARCH TERM, PRESS ENTER

Other effective shortcuts

Automatically add 'WWW.' and 'com.' what you have typed in the address bar and open that web address------------------------------CTRL+ENTER AFTER TYPING BASE WEB ADDRESS.

Perform a search using search engine associated with the URL---------------------TYPE A SEARCH ENGINE URL, THEN PRESS TAB, TYPE A SEARCH TERM, AND PRESS ENTER.

Open destination in a new tab in the background----------------------CLICK THE BACK BUTTON, FORWARD ARROW, OR GO BUTTON WITH MIDDLE MOUSE BUTTON.

SHIFT+MIDDLE CLICK ON LINK-------------------Open the link in a new tab and switch to the newly opened tab

CTRL+K-------------------Initiate a Google search with the address bar. After typing the shortcut key, a '?' will appear in the address bar. Type your query then press enter.

Select an entry from the drop down menu in the address bar, then press SHIFT+DELETE+DELETE THE ENTRY FROM THE BROWSING HISTORY.

MIDDLE CLICK ON LINK---------Open the link in a new tab in the background.

Click an entry in the address bar drop down list with the middle mouse button------------Open that URL in a new tab.